Allen, Marva

Management , Faculty

Marva Allen was president and co-owner of USI, a multi-million dollar technology firm in Southfield, MI, that was thrice nominated for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneurship Award. She is the recipient of numerous business awards, including The IBM & Kodak Excellence Award, MMBDC Diamond Award, Crain's Business 40 Under 40 Award for significantly achieving in business before her 40th birthday. Allen, a nominee of the Top 100 Most Influential Women in Michigan, joined Hue-Man Bookstore, as a majority partner and CEO in 2004. Under her stewardship, Hue-Man gained worldwide brand recognition as the largest and best- known independent African American bookstore and as cultural gathering place in Harlem, before closing its doors in 2012. Allen's latest project is to create the dynamics, energy, and influence of Hue-Man in an innovative and accessible "High Touch-High Feel" concept, leveraging her powerful brand and building on Allen's years in technology and the book business.

A national speaker and lecturer on entrepreneurship and speaker for African-American Women on tour, Allen's influential footprint spans multiple disciplines. She holds a BSN from SGI in England, a B.S in Biology from the University of Michigan, and an M.S in Health & Business Administration. She was a past member of the U of M CSP Board, Eastern Michigan Hospitality Board, the IBM Great Lakes Region Board, the General Motors Diversity Board, a member of the Board of Trustees for St. Hope Leadership Academy founded by NBA player Kevin Johnson andLitWorld, an organization concerned with literacy around the world. Also a trustee of the Neighborhood Charter School of Harlem, Ms. Allen is committed to providing options for authors of colour worldwide. A recipient of the 2008 New York Urban League Frederick Douglass Award, Allen has received myriad proclamations and citations for the community of Harlem.

As a noted subject matter expert, Allen has been the "go to" person for books for NPR, NBC and featured in theNew York Times, NYSE Diversity Magazine (she rang the closing bell for Wall Street), Time Out, Sister to Sister, Black Enterprise, PGW Magazine, Amsterdam News, among others. She also appeared on Good Morning America as spokesperson for her technology company. Currently, Allen is the on-air book contributor and commentator for Arise TV.

Allen is the author of two acclaimed books, Protegee (1993) and Camouflage (2000) the sequel. Her latest novel, If I Should Die Tonight... is in the works.

As a partner in the imprint Open Lens, publisher of the acclaimed Makeda from Randall Robinson, and the upcoming The Roving Tree from Haitian author Elsie Agustave, and biography of the musical band, Third World, she has expertise in both sides of the publishing industry.

Allen has been instrumental in guiding the success of many authors' books, creating one of a kind events which have enjoyed success worldwide. She spearheaded the First Literary Festival in Anguilla and hosted major events for Toni Morrison, President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Maya Angelou, Steve Harvey, Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, Dwyane Wade and a host of other celebrity authors. She consults with celebrities and high profile authors who want out-of-the-box thinking on marketing, promoting, and selling their books.