Duncan, Huie, M.S., M.B.A

Faculty, MBA670 / MBA672

  • Campus:
    Graduate School of Business

Duncan Huie is a seasoned healthcare administrator with 43+ years of experience in most phases of healthcare management.  He has worked in the private sector (voluntary hospitals, community, for-profit); public sector (New York State, New York City); provided financial/management consultation to various entities. 

Mr. Huie is well versed in health promotion and prevention; ambulatory care, specialty services; emergency services; acute patient care; rehabilitation services; long term care; psychiatric, alcoholism, substance abuse services; chemical dependency services; and developmentally disabled services.

Mr. Huie is familiar with healthcare standards and extremely knowledgeable in demographic, statistical analyses; quality, performance, risk assessment; compliance management; general accounting, cost-based accounting, cost reporting, third-party reimbursement; contract management, procurement compliance; market analysis, strategic planning, business development; and HSOs/HSs management.

Mr. Huie holds a BA in Economics, a MBA and MS in Community Health.