Gena Bardwell

Management , Faculty

Gena Bardwell is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Speech and Communication at Touro College in New York City. Over the years she has taught a variety of communication courses at New York University and Rutgers University. Ms. Bardwell’s motto: “Meet students where they are and elevate them to new heights of curiosity and discovery.” 
Currently serves on the Faculty Development and Orientation committees, the Graduation Committee, the Woman Leadership Council and academically she supports numerous undergraduate students as part of Touro’s mentoring initiative.

Previously, she held positions at the New York Historical Society as Director of Special Events and at Scholastic Inc. as Senior Operations Manager in Corporate Communication and Production.

In addition to teaching a graduate course in Strategic Management at the Touro’s Business School she also teaches Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Event Management, and Human Communication at the New York School of Continuing and Applied Studies and division of Touro (NYSCAS).

Outside affiliations include:
Council of Protocol Executives
The League of Professional Theatre Women
MultiStagesAlpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

She’s an accomplished playwright and actor. Her plays have won awards and have been developed in regionally at Crossroads Theater in New Jersey and locally at MultiStages in Manhattan.  As an actress, she won rave reviews for her performance in Tennessee Williams’ “The Glass Menagerie” and “Our Place in Time” at The Women’s Project in New York, City. In her current film project, “Gimme Shelter” directed by Ron Krauss she plays a House Mother opposite James Earl Jones and Rosario Dawson. She was featured in BET’s “Harlem Height.” Her latest arts project, The Most Dangerous Animal, which addresses the plight of 21st Century Sudanese people was written, directed and produced by Al Sutton and performed at the United Nations. She received her BFA from Stephens College and her MFA from Rutgers University.