Sabra Brock

Marketing , Faculty

Sabra Brock received her doctorate in business education from New York University in 2007. Her research interests include collaborative learning in business schools and the workplace, cross-cultural teaching, and managing change through transformative learning. She also holds an MS in advertising from Northwestern University. 

Dr. Brock has published widely in scholarly journals. And her most recent book, At the Intersection of Communication, Marketing, and Transformation, was published by Academic Studies Press in 2013. She was named to Top Women in Business by the Queen Courier in 2014 and co-authored Building the Foundation of an Innovative Culture: Human Capital’s Role in Making It Happen, published by The Conference Board. 
She also writes on gender relationships. Men Head East Women Turn Right has been translated into five languages and converted to an eBook under the title: I Say This, You Say That.  

Prior to entering academia, Dr. Brock held global leadership positions at Citicorp, Colgate-Palmolive, DuPont, Young & Rubicam, as well as various entrepreneurial ventures.