About Us

Don’t just succeed. Lead. 

At the Touro University Graduate School of Business, we are focused on our students’ futures, and the future of business.

Cutting Edge Education

Our academic programs incorporate both theory and real-world application, and they are as challenging as any you’ll find at top-tier institutions, with small class size, inspiring faculty, and affordable tuition. We encourage an enterprising and ambitious spirit and grow and adapt our programs with the demands of the business world. With personal guidance from our Career Resource Center, as well as our academic and highly experienced business faculty, you will cultivate a lifetime career “tool kit” so that you will have the in-depth knowledge, advanced practical skills, and confidence to thrive, wherever your career takes you!

Our City, Our Campus

Located in the heart of New York City, our campus is our home base, but the learning extends beyond our walls. Students intern across the five boroughs and the NY metro area at organizations of all sizes, including start-ups, human resource, finance and accounting firms.

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Vision & Mission

Grounded in our Judaic values to educate, to serve, to perpetuate and to enrich the historic Jewish tradition of tolerance and dignity, our vision for the Graduate School of Business is to elevate students from diverse backgrounds and be recognized as a leading institution for business and life-long learning education. We strive to produce ethical and innovative business leaders equipped with the skills and knowledge to tackle complex challenges, contribute, and leave a positive impact on society.

The mission of the Touro Graduate School of Business is to provide a rigorous and transformative business education that integrates theory and practice and to inspire students of diverse backgrounds including the underserved. We seek to enhance business professionals' knowledge, soft and hard skills, ethics, and sense of social responsibility so they may succeed and thrive in a rapidly changing global and technologically enhanced business world. Committed to excellence in teaching and scholarship, our interdisciplinary approach to education employs ethical, diverse, and inclusive leadership practices that support the pursuit of quality business education.