Building a Meaningful Organization

How to build a meaningful organization through effective succession planning and EQ leadership.

March 03, 2020
Dr. Stephen Ingrassia

On February 20th, 2020, Dr. Stephen Ingrassia, Clinical Director at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy, came to Touro GSB to deliver a guest lecture on "Building a meaningful organization through effective succession planning and EQ leadership."

Physical Therapist by profession, Dr. Ingrassia completed his DPT in Physical Therapy from the College of Staten Island in 2014. He also has a strong business and marketing background that helped him pave his way to the career he is currently pursuing.

"To be successful leaders, we must be self-aware, adaptable, cognizant of how our actions affect organizational outgrowth," Dr. Ingrassia said. "I encourage everyone to develop these skills and strive to reach your life goals."

Students were inspired by the lecture and were very happy to learn about business from a medical standpoint. As one of the students quoted, "I found the presentation very useful. Dr. Ingrassia was able to provide me a business perspective from a medical organization. I always wanted to learn how a PT office runs and this lecture provided me with some insight into the industry beyond finance. It was interesting to hear him talk about how the change due to a merger affected his company". - Jessica Lilly '20