In Search of a Dream, He Found a Better One

Graduate School of Business Grad Irvin Knight didn't choose this path, but he's happy he took it

August 21, 2015
Irvin Knight

In a class on business strategy, Knight found his calling. While doing research on the theory of uncontested market spaces outlined in the book, Blue Ocean Strategy, the idea for his own company was hatched. This strategy propels companies to become leaders in their class by drawing non-customers into their space and offering differentiation and low cost through economies of scale. A prime example is—the giant that took the brick and mortar book industry online, capturing people all over the world who wouldn’t normally enter a bookstore. 

Knight is now applying these principles to his own company, Zicacque Capital, which offers small businesses a financial product called the Combo. Clients can acquire funding by opening investment accounts for which they receive a line of credit. They may use ROI to cover the interest rate of the credit line. Knight’s goal is to serve small business owners, film producers and others from non-mortgage areas. 

Knight envisions his company growing to a team of consultants with millions in revenue. He is grateful for the support he receives from Touro’s professors and Deans: “Touro’s programs prepare students for careers and real world interaction. I learned about all aspects of finance and I’ve been mentored by experienced professionals every step of the way.”