Moonshot Scholars Program—Building Entrepreneurship Skills

This is a non-degree co-curricular program on entrepreneurship and innovation, otherwise known as our Moonshot Scholars Program, that aims to help you exercise your creative muscles so you can better meet the needs of tomorrow.

About the Program: Your Moonshot. Think Big.

We are on the brink of a revolution in every aspect of our lives. AI is making the drug discovery process >100X faster and cheaper and 90% more likely to succeed in clinical trials. The mobile health market is predicted to reach over $300 billion market by 2027. The cost of sequencing your genome has decreased 100,000-fold over 13 years, a staggering speed that is 3 times faster than the rate of Moore’s Law. As we increasingly find ourselves at the convergence of these fast-moving technologies, we must learn to ride the wave of exponential growth.

The Moonshot Scholars Program introduces you to the wealth of challenges and opportunities facing the world right now, and prepares you to think innovatively and launch your own Moonshot venture that will transform a major community, industry and/or the planet. You will learn what happens when AI, robotics, virtual reality, digital biology and sensors crash into 3D printing, blockchain and global gigabit networks. You will meet entrepreneurs that converge these technologies into high-impact ventures as well as the investors who bet big on their bold ideas. Using principles from books such as Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth, and Impact the World, you will learn to embrace opportunities with an entrepreneurial mindset that seeks to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Moonshot will show you how the convergence of fast-moving technologies can be used to solve real human problems by expanding your thinking to include not only “how can I be a good clinician/ social worker/ teacher?” but also “how can I use my training to change the world?”

Who, When, Where?

This program is open to all Touro University system students (undergraduate, graduate and professional) each fall semester.

Weekly meetings will take place on Wednesdays from 5pm to 6pm EST via Zoom.

This is a non-credit bearing program (at no cost to the student, other than purchase of book as required reading) and cannot be taken in lieu of a credit bearing course.

To receive a badge certificate (called Entrepreneurial & Innovative Mindset) at the end of the program, you must:

  • attend all sessions starting September 14th 2022 (allowed one absence),
  • complete required readings,
  • take part in weekly discussions on Canvas and
  • make a brief class presentation regarding their Moonshot.

How to Sign-Up: email Program Instructor and Facilitator Dr. Rima Aranha at

Fall 2022 Required Reading (book to be purchased by student): Diamandis, Peter & Steven, Kotler (2015). Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth, and Impact the World. Simon & Schuster: New York.