Advanced Certificate in Not-For-Profit Management

Our Advanced Certificate in Not-For-Profit Management is designed to maximize potential and empower students with solid managerial and leadership skills.

Strategic business management is critical in the nonprofit sector to enable the advancement of service. The courses and experiences provided by the Advanced Certificate in Not-For-Profit Management at GSB foster collaborative opportunities to enhance your marketability.

You will learn savvy business skills from industry experts to help you make the biggest impact. This certificate is ideal for business professionals and graduates who want to increase their business acumen and gain the specialized skills that nonprofits need to thrive.

Course of Study

This 15-credit, 5-course program includes coursework in business foundations, strategic planning, leadership theory, 501 (c)(3) federal tax exemption, fund accounting principles, grant-writing, branding, and much more.

Advanced Certificate in Not-For-Profit Management Pathway to an MBA Degree

Transfer the 15 credits to earn an MBA in Entrepreneurship or General Management. The 5 courses that make up the Advanced Certificate curriculum can also be taken as stand-alone courses in which students will receive a badge. This provides a stackable structure that can be customized to fit individual needs.

Admission Requirements

Review our admission requirements and sign up to audit a course for free and experience Touro Graduate School of Business, meet professors, and current students. Talk one-on-one with our administrators about advancing your Not-For-Profit management skills and how to position yourself to change the world.