Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Our MBA program will equip you with the practical leadership skills and advanced knowledge to thrive in management positions.

Today’s service-oriented economy presents managers with a formidable array of new products, developing technologies, and emerging markets. The globalized world fosters more international partnerships and mergers than ever before. We've grown our specializations to meet the changes in how, and where, we do business.

We will help you develop a nuanced understanding of the latest opportunities and challenges in the global business environment.

Course of Study

Most students complete our 42-credit program in 2-3 years on a part-time schedule. We offer seven areas of specialization:

The specialization in entrepreneurship provides a foundation for the successful entrepreneur by examining key organizational and managerial concepts. Students discover new ways of combining resources, launch solo projects and major undertakings, seek venture capital and angel funding, and strategize entrepreneurial initiatives.

The specialization in forensic accounting helps students develop core skills necessary to prevent, identify, and detect fraud. This practitioner-oriented degree familiarizes students with the investigation, prevention, and reporting practices basic to forensic accounting.

The specialization in general management prepares students to manage business, organizational, and cultural initiatives within an increasingly complex global business environment. The program integrates key foundational theories, models, and best practices from diverse disciplines, including anthropology, psychology, and sociology, to develop students’ global perspectives and practical understandings concerning managing people and productivity in global environments.

The specialization in human resource management prepares students as business contributors through an integrated business and human resource management curriculum. This specialization develops human resource management and business-oriented skills associated with achieving organizational and culture goals.

The specialization in health care management offers professionals a multidisciplinary curriculum integrating key concepts, models, and best practices from business, health care management, and allied curricula. The program focuses on health care and public health trends and issues, such as managed care, law and ethics, management and economics, and entrepreneurialism and marketing.

The specialization in international business finance is designed for students who want to pursue intensive study of global business issues or who are planning careers in areas such as international trade, international ventures, or international finance. This specialization provides in-depth knowledge of various business disciplines, an understanding of multicultural influences in international enterprises, and awareness of ethical issues in a global economy.

This specialization provides training in advanced marketing theory and creativity as well as cutting edge knowledge in digital and social media. Graduates are prepared to enter and manage in marketing departments, entrepreneurial organizations as well as to market themselves to the ever-changing job market.

All specializations begin with core courses that provide a broad view of fundamental business concepts. Students then take advanced courses in their chosen specialization, and finish off with a capstone course.  

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