Advanced Certificate in Human Resource Management

An advanced degree in Human Resource Management will teach you to identify and maximize a company’s most valuable assets: the talent and capabilities of its employees.

Our Advanced Certificate program offers a business-based, practitioner-oriented certificate. We’ve designed our program to meet the universally recognized highest standards for human resource management practices, as set by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)®.

It is ideal for business professionals who want to strengthen their human resource management knowledge and marketability.  Equipped with an advanced certificate, students are prepared to advance in the human resource management area of their organization, as independent consultants, and educators.

Course of Study

This 15-credit, 5-course program includes coursework in business foundations and personnel management systems, employment law, ethics and accountability, and change management. You'll be taking the following courses from the master's curriculum:

  • MBAN 607 Managing for Change
  • MBAN 620 Global Human Resource Management
  • MBAN 621 Global Employment Law
  • MSBN 605 Ethics in the Global Marketplace
  • MSHN 620 Business Foundations for Human Resource Management

Should you decide to pursue an MS in Human Resource Management or MBA after completing the advanced certificate program, you may be able to apply up to six credits toward your Master’s degree.

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