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Five High-Paying Healthcare Management Jobs

April 14, 2021

Around the world, hospitals and healthcare providers are figuring out how to handle the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need for healthcare managers is greater than ever. The demand for Medical and Health Services Managers is expected to grow by 32%, and a master’s in Business Administration with a healthcare specialization can put you in a position to take advantage of these opportunities and help shape the future of medicine. 

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Alumni Spotlight: Nathaniel Koszer

January 12, 2021

We recently spoke with Nathaniel Koszer, a 2013 graduate of GSB, on why he chose to pursue his higher education at Touro; his current role at NYC Fleet, an organization managing the largest municipal fleet in the United States, and his advice for prospective students considering graduate school.

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Resilience, Creativity, and New Programs Abound Despite Adversity

June 12, 2020

I cannot believe it has been almost a full year that I have had the pleasure to be working with everyone at Touro College… and what an exciting and challenging year! While our two tragedies--pandemic and civic unrest--are still looming, our senior leadership, faculty, staff and students have been resilient exhibiting an extraordinary ability to problem-solve and overcome adversity. We are a resolute group, and this has not stopped us from not only continuing with our programming, but also expanding our program offerings to better meet the needs of our students and our community.

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Who's The Boss?

June 09, 2020

L. Jermaine Russell has had a life-long interest in all things health and fitness. A belted martial artist and fitness blogger with the motto “Harmony in food & fitness”, Russell followed his natural inclination toward healthy living all the way through an MBA at Touro College. He shares his journey from student to entrepreneur and proves that entrepreneurship is alive and well at Touro Graduate School of Business.

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Coming Out After COVID-19 To Face A Whole New Job Market

May 07, 2020

Richard Franco delivers a guest lecture on, "Coming out after COVID-19 to face a whole new job market", "Coming out from behind your desk" and "Navigating a whole new landscape of opportunities".

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10 People Skills That Can Help Advance Your Career

April 30, 2020

You have your college degree, but how can you continue to thrive in your current and future jobs in an ever-changing and highly competitive marketplace? We recently spoke with Graduate School of Business (GSB) student Jessica Lilly, who is graduating in June 2020 with her M.S. degree in Human Resource Management, about the vital skills learned in graduate school that can be utilized throughout your career. Lilly currently works as a Human Resources (HR) Administrator at the well-known credit ratings company, Fitch Ratings and her dream job is to become a HR Business Partner.

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The Entrepreneurial Journey

December 18, 2019

Quality Assurance Health Consultant and GSB alum Jermaine Russell returned to the Touro College Graduate School of Business to deliver a lecture on entrepreneurship. Jermaine shared stories about his time at Touro GSB and revealed the resources that equipped him to start his own consultancy business.

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